Monday, 10 October 2011

First Day in the MTC

Wow!  What a crazy day!  We are assigned to a brand new senior's building and it is super.  Not huge but everything that you need - nicely decorated and beautiful pictures.  I'll try and take some pictures.  Everyone is so nice - there is a lovely feeling here.

Before lunch, we went through orienteering - receiving schedules, maps, checking on our inoculations, (we have to have more) - getting a plastic ID cards etc.  Lunch was a zoo.  Dad figures there were about 1500 eating there at the same time.  Generally, the food was pretty good.  I found some that I could eat OK.  It was not relaxing though - you had to wait in a line up a long time and that didn't leave much time before we had  our next meeting.  It'll probably get better as we get used to the routine.

The afternoon meeting was mostly in depth orienteering.  They began by having each couple tell who they were and where they were from and where they were going.  Dad figures there were about 40 couples.  They were going all over the world - it was fascinating.  Following were a couple of really nice talks from the Mission Home presidency and then were got our language training intro.  Dad was called to head up a little group of four couples and so we had to swap phone numbers and info.  After that, we realized our cell phone was not going to work for that and so we purchased a cheap cell phone to help out just for that.  A long day and we still have reading to get done for tomorrow, so I have to go.  Love you all tons and tons.

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