Thursday, 13 October 2011

October 12th 2011

We had to "teach" an "investigator" this morning!!  We had prepared a lesson on the Restoration.  Brent and I were taken to a room where we met a lady.  We were given a little background on her before hand and then told she was an investigator with a Temple Recommend!!!!   She was wonderful - these folk are supposed to give us a bad time, but she was so cute.  She had the broadest southern accent (raised in Texas) and she actually lived in Hill Spring for a while.  Her name when she was there was Rose Wynder.  She obviously loved us and we had such a good time I don't know how effective the lesson was regarding the training that we have had.

The day proceeded much as before - lesson, break, lesson, lunch - try to eat, go to the Bookstore,  check in at the Travel Office - after lunch, same as the morning.  After that, we dashed up to the nurse to get tetanus and typhoid shot.  There was a big line-up and we weren't finished when we were supposed to be at Language training and was supposed to have had supper.  We check in with Craig (our tutor) and he took pity on us and told us to go eat and don't hurry.  Language training seemed difficult as we haven't done anything since we left home - but he said we did OK - I can't agree with him though!!  After that, we dashed to the "ted shop" as we have been having trouble sending emails - we could receive, but not send - also, I couldn't be "seen" on Skype.  We got that all sorted out and dashed back to our room and found that the Wi-Fi had been completed in this new building today.  So now we can contact you all.  We had a new batch of Elders come in today - it was funny to compare them with the "oldies"  -  talk about "deer in the headlights"!!

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