Friday, 14 October 2011

October 13, 2011

Much the same as yesterday - lecture first - then lessons.  Lots of practice teaching which I am very glad of as it is not my forte!  They look after us very well, giving us 15 minute break often - we NEED it, but it is very nice also.  At supper, we met an Elder Nalder from Lethbridge - Theron Nalder's grandson.  Ron, Brent says you would know Theron.

The language training, unfortunately, is after supper and by that time we are really tired.  However, it feels like we are turning a corner on it and maybe progress will come easier.  Craig is a really good instructor - especially for his age (25). He's really got it together.

We are allowed to exit this place for the weekend. Adam is going to pick us up this evening.  He and Janet are wonderful to take care of us.

Miss you all :)

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