Saturday, 15 October 2011

October 14, 2011

More lessons  -  they took the format of role playing, first, the missionaries and then the less active.   It was fun because it was missionaries against missionaries.  Our other couple was Elder & Sister Dibb - come to find out his brother married Pres. Monson's daughter Anne.  In the afternoon, we had former missionaries - senior couples - and they gave us case studies (some of which they had experienced themselves) to find solutions to.  We had these older sisters who had served in Finley, Victoria, Australia who spent their whole 18 months there.  They were told that the town had been tracked out a couple of times, but that was their assignment.  The folk in Finley were really tired of Mormon missionaries and when they saw the sisters coming they would even cross the road to avoid them.  After 6 months of prayers and unsuccessful efforts, they both were inspired to join the Weight Watchesr club!!!   It worked out amazingly as people came to know them and told their friends, who told their friends etc. etc. and the rest is history.  Inactives came back to the church and there were many baptisms as well.

We got our Greek name tags this afternoon.  It was incredible how many people noticed them and held us up for pictures of them.  We were trying to get to the front gate to meet Adam and were almost late getting to him!!  We met him at 5pm and went to his house and will be with him and Janet for Saturday and Sunday.  Whee!

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