Sunday, 16 October 2011

October 15, 2011

Had a lovely evening with Adam & Janet last night.  Slept in a bit this morning - it was wonderful.  Did a little shopping at Macy's and Nordstoms - got our flu shot (yuk).  It was a lovely day - the snow is just about gone from the mountains.  Brent went into the Wells Fargo bank to try and exchange some Canadian money - they couldn't do it, but the girl said she had relatives in Canada - Brent asked her what her last name was and she said "Vance" - Brent asked, Any relation to Byron Vance and she replied that it was her Grandfather's brother!!!   It's a small world, eh Renee?  Just spent a realizing day with Adam & Janet  -  finished up watching a movie called "Forever Strong"  -  really enjoyed it.

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