Sunday, 16 October 2011

October 16, 2011

We went into Salt Lake City this morning to watch and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  It was thrilling.  Something that I've wanted to do for ages and I wasn't disappointed.  Then we went around Temple Square to see the sights - the the Pioneer Museum, the Visitor's Center and the Conference Center.  We had never been to the Conference Center before- it seats 21,000 - it has no pillars, but is supported by a 650 ton "king truss" and we were told that you could part a Boering 747 in the main floor of the building.  The roof is a garden roof with walkway and fountains and water falls, trees and gardens.  It is amazing.  Later, around 5pm, we returned to the MTC.  Adam has a part time job working for a mortuary and had to go and pick up a body.  He drove us to the mortuary in his own car, but then we changed to the van at the mortuary.  That van had two captains seats in the front and a gurney in the back for the body!  I got to sit in the front with Adam driving, so that meant Brent had to ride in the back on the gurney!!!!!   We pulled up at the entrance of the MTC - I don't know if the guard didn't see Brent in the back, or if he was just used to seeing such things, but we went through OK.  Right away, we saw George & Myrna Kearl unloading their belongings!  What a surprise.  They are from Calgary East Stake - Stake Pres. or in the Stake Presidency.  They used to live in 6th ward years ago.  It is so nice to link up with someone from home.  They are going to London, England - Office specialists.

Dad just opened an email from Ken and Caroline Pierson (his best man).  They have just been called to Russia as CES specialists - leaving in February.  That's going to be a challenge for them.



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