Monday, 17 October 2011

October 17, 2011

Our first day in Office Training.  We went through the basics of Microsoft Word.  Most of the church uses PCs and Athens is no exception and as a lot of you know, I prefer Macs.  I have much to learn about "Word" and they taught us a lot about shortcuts which was very helpful.  In the afternoon, we worked on the Excel program and that was what I really did need, so I learned a lot there.  The hardest part in that for me was the mathematical formulas.  Hopefully I can get a better handle on them.  It was a long day as we also had two hours of Greek in the evening.  Our tutor, Craig Meister, (we are the only ones learning Greek here at this time) took the time to explain a lot about the Greek Orthodox church and we learned that it isn't just a Greek version of the Roman Catholic church, but is quite different in many respects. That was really interesting.  In the process we found out that Craig works sometimes with Lincoln Blumell at BYU in Religious Studies.

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