Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October 18,2011

We had another full day of office training on the computer!! with a huge interruption when we were about 90 minutes into it.  A fire drill!!  We're not sure exactly how many missionaries are on site, but Brent thinks it has to be somewhere between 3000 and 4000.  Everybody was herded out and into the parking lot, then lead out the gates (with police holding up traffic for us) across the road and onto the playing field.  It probably wasn't much more than 9C. and a lot of the sisters only had on blouses - some in sandals - I, at least, had on a light jacket, but I still froze and the grass was wet.  It was quite a deal.

We had a really special treat tonight.  It was the "Tuesday evening devotional."   You never know until starting time who the guest speaker is going to be.  Tonight, it was Elder Richard G. Scott!!  Oh it was wonderful.  He spoke for a while and then used a method of putting scriptures up on the screens and invited missionaries to come to the mike and read the scripture and then he would ask them a question about that scripture.  These remarkable young missionaries lined up and valiantly answered Elder Scott's questions - they did quite well.  He said quite a few times how he appreciated their willingness to answer questions without knowing what they were going to be.  A strong point of his talk was that he encouraged us to keep pencil and paper with us and by our beds at night, so that we could record any impressions that came to us.  He also counseled the young missionaries that when they return home after their mission that they should think seriously of marriage and starting a family - that they should set goals and work toward them rather than "hanging out."  Then he told us his definition of "hanging out" - he called it "idleness in flocks."

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