Wednesday, 19 October 2011

October 19, 2011

Met a senior couple who are going to Adelaide, South Australia today - their assignment takes in the area from Darwin straight down to Adelaide.  I hope we meet up with them again so we can find out what they doing.

More computer learning today.  We did three kinds of reports - they are done on a church program - then we practiced doing Newsletters.  I enjoyed that more as I had done a newsletter over a four year period about 8 years ago.  I was working on a Mac and this is on a PC so I just have to learn which things to click on to get the results that I need. Brent has been doing different learning on the computer - how to set up a house - reporting and payment of utilities, rent and damage deposits, and everything to do with cost and maintenance of vehicles.   We had our last Greek lesson here tonight and the other couple that are going to Cyprus were there too - Cyprus is in the Greece mission, but they had served in Greece a couple of years ago.  It was nice to share the learning with more people - I think it went better with input from more people.  It was kind of sad saying goodbye to our tutor, Craig - we've been doings lessons with him for about three months and met his wife and generally just grown to love him.  We'll be able to keep in touch with him, but the lessons are done.

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