Thursday, 27 October 2011

October 26, 2011

No walk today for us.  My hip is still hurting and I thought Brent needed more sleep - he was awake for a couple of hours during the night, but di feel a bit better this morning anyway.

There was a full slate of meetings being held in the President's office today - that results in more traffic in the office with different ones coming in and out for their particular meeting and that also  means answering questions, getting supplies for those who need them and just generally visiting - that doesn't leave much time for regular tasks.  One of the sessions included us - it was language training.  Since we are the "greenies" most of it was way ahead of us, but we have start somewhere!  They called on one sister who has only been here since July to say the opening prayer in Greek and she said she couldn't and someone else came to the rescue, but I made a mental note to write one out and practice it - I don't want to be caught!

Around 5pm, Elder and Sister Andros, Brent and I went shopping.  First they took us to a Staples-like store to pick up memory sticks, white board markers etc. and generally showed us around the store, the areas that we would be making purchases from in the future.  The approach to the store is up a VERY narrow road from which you pull in to a tiny entrance and stop immediately on a downward slope. The driver jumps out and the attendant gets in, drives the car to the left, poisoning it in front of an elevator and the rest of us get out and go into the three story store - our little car then disappears into the elevator.  When you are paying at the check out, that 'sends the signal" for your car to be returned and it arrives very quickly. Then you try to get into the line of traffic.  Even though this road is a very small one-way lane, it was packed.  We asked when rush-hour was over - the answer was "never" and when asked, who has right-of-way in traffic, we were told, whichever car's nose is ahead - even if it is two inches!  Following that we went to a place called "Carrefour" (which, I was told if a French word!!).  It is an indoor  mall complex and situated in the center is this supermarket, much like an oversized Superstore and it is encircled by many small specialty shops.  Different names, but looks like our malls, however, they did have an "H&M" there.  We had fun there - trying to read the labels etc.  We purchased a BBQ'd chicken (just like at Safeway) and on the way home, picked up some fried rice and a noodle dish from an asian noodle house. Got back home around 9pm (the traffic was still crazy) and had our supper.  They told us that many Greek folk don't eat their supper until around 10pm!!!


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