Sunday, 30 October 2011

October 29, 2911

We went out grocery shopping at 7:45am!!  It was in order to get in and out before it was too crowded.  It was "Alpha Beta" pronounced Alpha Veeta.  It was smaller than the one we went to before, but had just about everything you could want.  They have a lot of the brand names that we know.

It was a work day for us and Brent & I received more training.  In the afternoon we went to a baptism at the Halandri building - the only branch that has a baptismal font.  Following that, back at the mission office, we did a few more things and around 7:30pm we drove to the airport to meet President & Sis. Charles who had been in Santorini.  We had to wait quite a while for them, but it was fun just watching people in the airport.  Everyone greets with a kiss to one cheek then the other - Greeks are very outgoing people.  Brent was doing the driving again - he's doing OK, but he doesn't think he is.  Daylight savings time ends here tonight, so we get an extra hour to do things  :)

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