Sunday, 9 October 2011

On the Way to the MTC

It was a bitter/sweet farewell at the airport.  We were happy to be going on our mission, but hard to say "goodbye."  Lots of tears between the smiles - and, appropriately, it was raining.  When we got to Seattle, it was dark and gloomy and threatening to rain.  After we just took off for SLC, the pilot said he was going to take a little detour, very close to Mt. Rainier.  He did, and the jet suddenly went up and down and all over the place, scaring some of the lady passenger to tears!  For an instant, Bent thought we had crashed, but reasoned that we had hit a vortex as we were so close to the mountain.  When we arrived at SLC, we were astounded to see that snow had fallen starting halfway up the mountains - and it was COLD!

We are staying with our brother-in-law, Adam Brown until Monday morning - then we go in to the MTC  They live in a new area call Cedar Hills and have a really nice home.  On Friday, we went to Mr. Mac's for pants and shirts for Brent.  I went to the"Sister Missionary Store" and managed to get two light-weight blouses.  We have to be very careful in what we buy to take now as the luggage weight is right on the permissible border line!  We went to an Asian restaurant for supper.  The location used to be 50's type restaurant, and Brenda, you would love the decor etc.  Although the food was asian, it did taste a little different than the kind we have in Calgary.

We just came home from meetings.  They truly are the same where ever you go in the world.  Very nice.  Both in Sunday School and RS we were asked where we would be serving and the folk here were just as astounded as you all were at home!! The sun was out today and it felt marvelous.  We are supposed to go to Craig Meister's home (our Greek tutor) after supper.  We are looking forward to that - it should be a "hoot."

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