Friday, 18 November 2011

November 18, 2011

Because of Zone Conference yesterday, it was supposed to be Preparation Day today, but we had a couple of meetings on any way.  The one we attended was the "Couples Meeting" which happens quarterly.  It was held at the Mission Home and 7 couple were there.  The two couple at Cyprus didn't come. President Freestone (Counsellor to the Mission Pres.) gave a presentation on Adam-ondi-Ahman.  He actually lives two and a half miles from there and, although he was Stake Pres. of Liberty Stake (which area it is in) he had no jurisdiction of it - it comes under the jurisdiction of the First Presidency.  He talked about some prophesies concerning it and also told us about missionaries that serve there.  They are only couples and it is all work related, i.e. the Elders look after some of the farming and gardening and they do have some livestock, but a good part of the land is leased to farmers in the area and they have very definite parameters to follow (they are not to farm on Sundays, etc.).  The sisters do record extraction among other things.  They did over 100,000 names last year.  Pres. F. said they are the only missionaries in the world that have badges with gold lettering!!  We asked him "why?" and he answered, "They put in a request, and it was granted"!  After that, a nice luncheon was served and pictures were taken and we left.  By the way, if any of you are interested to see and read the mission blog, go on Google and enter "Greece Athens Mission Blog" and it will come up as "Charles' Blog" - but there is another Charles blog that you could by mistake.

Elder still having trouble making the computer work for him.  He has to get used to understanding what some of the messages mean as he interprets them incorrectly a lot of times and that takes him where he doesn't want to go and very quickly he's looking for an axe to take care of the situation!!!  He's improving though 😊

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