Thursday, 17 November 2011

November 17, 2011

It was Zone Conference today, which is an all day affair, and we were allowed to stay at the office - both to try and catch up on our work and to drive two elders to the airport to go to Cyprus.  Mid-morning, we received a call from an elder in Cyprus - he had lost his debit card!  Every missionary has such a card as their funds are placed in their a/c each month.  He thought he left it in the ATM last Monday!  That meant quite a bit of action from us to rectify the situation amongst which was calling Salt Lake to have them cancel the card - begin the process to issue a new card - and find out if the elder needed money in the meantime - in which case, the powers that be would arrange to have money deposited into his companion's a/c.  All new ground for us at this point, but this is how we learn.

After lunch, we took the two Cyprus bound elders to the airport.  There tickets had been purchased on-line, so they just had to check in when they got there.  At that point, Elder Baret asked if I had broth the itinerary?  Another learning point!  I hadn't!  - but, we found out that all he had to do was to put his passport in the machine and it spat out his ticket.  I was never so glad for technology!  The other thing that I fell short in was that I had forgotten my cell pone (I am supposed to have it with me where ever I go!!

I will be so glad when I have done some of my jobs more times, as I haven't been able to go through some of the big jobs without having to read up on how to do them and that makes things twice as long.  I was faced such a job today.  It should have been easy enough to match receipts with the statement, but about a quarters of the receipts were missing, so I had to chase after them as well as read up on "how to" instructions.

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