Tuesday, 15 November 2011

November 15,2011

It's rainy and stormy again today, although the wind is not quite as strong - still feels very cold to me.  I guess it's the humidity!

We met our two new missionaries this morning.  They came in at 9:00am - the same flight that we arrived on.  The poor kids looked stunned - just like we felt when we came.  Pres. C. did interviews with them and then it was our turn to "process" them.  We have a list of documents, plus pictures that we must obtain - so that takes a while.  Then Pres. C. and Sis. C. and the Assts. take them for lunch - yes, to the "3 Pigs" (that really isn't the name of the restaurant, but because there is a picture of pigs on the outside of the restaurant, and because the real name is hard to say, we all call it the "3 Pigs"!)  Both of these missionaries are from Germany, but I think Elder Demeyere was originally French.  They spent 9 weeks in the M.T.C. and could speak English quite well before they came on their mission.  The trainer-companion to Sis. Rumbach was here last night and the T/C to Elder Demeyere came this afternoon, so when supper time came around we were feeding all four of them.  After supper, it is the "custom" that new missionaries go tracking!!!!  They did - and it was cold.  However, the sisters were only gone about a half hour, when they were back and out of breath.  As they were walking, not too far from the mission office, two young guys in dark attire, jumped over a very high wall right behind them.  Sis. Braaksma said they seemed to be as surprised to see them as they were to see them.  She said the one guy looked at her as if to say "Oh no, we've been spotted"!  Anyway, she told her companion, "Run"!!  and they did and made it back safely.  Who knows what those guys were up to, but, just up the hill from where this occurred, there is always a car parked there with two security guards in it (with guns), so those guys were taking a chance it would seem!


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