Monday, 14 November 2011

November 12, 2011

We had an interesting evening downtown at the Acropoli Branch this evening.  This is the young single adult center and a CES (Church Education Center) as well where they not only have meeting, but have a very strong emphasis on socialization. We met in what they probably call a games room. They served two kinds of soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and squares.  The directors there took the opportunity of the Androses leaving and scheduled them to speak to the young adults.  They gave a couple of really good talks, encouraging them that the gospel will help them through the rough times here in Greece.  Then Brent & I were called on to introduce ourselves, which we did in short order - the emphasis on short!

A storm blew in and it rained a little bit, but the wind was blowing sooo hard that the rain was going sideways.- - and we were freezing!

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