Wednesday, 23 November 2011

November 22, 2011

Very busy today.  There were a bunch of meetings this morning - the facilities manager for Hungary, Greece, Cyprus was here and Pres. C. had to leave here about 1pm to fly to Cyprus for and week of interviews and District Conf. etc.  -  so, with trying to fit things in, it was really humming around here with all the traffic that meetings bring!

I hate to say this, with you guys having such cold weather at home, but it has been really nice here the last few days - sun shining and highs around 16C.   I haven't felt as cold - still wearing multi layers though.

I had to get antibiotics for my tooth problem and tried to get them yesterday, but pharmacies were on strike (today, teacher are on strike!).  There was supposed to be one pharmacy in this whole area open, but we couldn't find it - so we went first thing this morning to the one near us and was able to get the Amoxill - it only cost about $5.00!!!

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