Wednesday, 23 November 2011

November 23, 2011

Another busy day.  The Counsellor to Pres. C. (he is a "sr. couple missionary) and his wife came in to do some work.  He actually helped Brent a lot with a problem on rent and utilities.  There is a new tax levied on rents and it is a complicated thing with trying to find out who get refunded and how much - and trying to appease the loser on the deal!!  In the end, it seems that the owners get the refund and the renters have to pay a bit more!!!  This is Greece!  Two of the Zone Leaders were also in to try and get processed for being able to drive.  Not many missionaries drive as public transportation is so good here and driving is insane, but sometimes it becomes necessary for the Zone Leader to drive (especially when the Assistants are away with the President at Conferences for a week.)  That meant, he had to get the video "Drive Safely - Missionary Training" and watch it and then we were supposed to have him fill out and sign a form, but, we couldn't find the form ANYWHERE!  So, that part didn't get done and hopefully we'll get an answer to "where is that form?" by tomorrow!!

We are also getting really busy with "end of month" jobs.  Orders were a big thing today.  The Cyprus elders sent in a big order which I had to fill from our supply room stat in order to give it to the Counsellor to take over to Cyprus on Saturday - and another big order for the Acropoli Branch elders - then there was the tag order (missionary badge)  which is very exacting in that their names are written in Greek which is hard in and of itself, but there is the problem of knowing if they want the "e" in their name to look like epsilon "ϵ" or ita "η" - and whether the "o" is to be an omicron "o" or an omega "ω."  Another variable is if they want the tag to be a clip on type, or a pocket type (which just slides over the top of their shirt or suit pocket), or and magnet type.  Great fun!

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