Sunday, 27 November 2011

November 27, 2011

Today was a better day - thankfully.

I was asked to teach the Sunday School lesson on Dec. 11 and also learned that Elder Clark and I are on a schedule to speak at Sacrament meeting on the 18th!!

Julianna was at church today.  The Andros' worked with her a lot and even finished up her TemplePrep. classes just before they went home and are now worried that her trip to the Temple won't go through.  She tried for a visa to go the the London Temple with the Dracocardos' (who are going to be released Dec. 10th), but was turned down because of her job situation here.  They felt that she was trying to get over to Britain so she could stay there because she has not paying job here.  She is one of the ones that actually works at a place in hoped of being paid, but only get a token amount, maybe once every two months!!  Now, she'll probably just go to the Frankfurt Temple and Dracocardos' will fly there to be with her.

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