Thursday, 3 November 2011

November 3, 2011

Today is "Preparation Day"  our day off during the week in which we can catch up on personal things like clothes washing, emails, get haircuts, shopping etc.  So we did all of that and the shopping part came in the afternoon.

I got my hair cut.  It didn't turn out like it usually does, but we'll see what happens in the morning when I try to do it my way!!  I may have a new hair style!!!  We had to take the draft of a Christmas card to a printing shop - Sis. Andros and I went in to the store together to do it and even though she has reasonable language skills in Greek, it still was a struggle to have a conversation with them regarding what we wanted.  I wonder how I am ever going to manage!!  After that, we went to a mall and then Marks & Spencer and then to a specialty food market where you can get a lot of international food brands - including Cheerios for 8 euros a box!!  It was nice to know that some of your familiar brands were available if you wanted to spend the extra to get them.  It's a curious store - it has three floors with a glass elevator situated away from the walls, more or less in the center of the floor.  Just as well it was glass, because people could see that our elevator was stuck between floors and they were able to alert a helper.  We managed to get out OK, but there were some small children on it that took some convincing that things were going to be alright!!  It was a fun afternoon, but not so much fun for the driver (Brent) who had to negotiate through some of the heaviest traffic we've seen yet.  At one point, when a bus was trying to pass him on a VERY narrow street, his comment was, "I'm glad there wasn't an extra coat of paint on that bus!!!

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