Friday, 4 November 2011

November 4, 2011

More training in the office broken up by a trip to the airport - taking Pres. & Sis Charles and Pres. & Sis Dracocardos who were flying to Rhodes to see one solitary member family there.  They make this visit every three months.

Tonight, three of the Filippino sisters, instead of having us come to one of their homes, brought all the food for a scrumptious dinner here at the mission office - mostly as a goodbye treat for Elder & Sister Andros.  These sisters are so sweet - we understand their living situation is not the best and were probably too embarrassed to have us come there.  They made the most delicious spring rolls, meatballs Greek salad, fried rice, and a fantastic noodle dish.  I also learned a new way to fold napkins!!!   One of the sisters, Heidi, has been in the church here for nearly 20 years and was telling us how they used to do baptisms in the pool at the mission home - but the Greek folk like to have their baptisms done in the sea (until the weather got warmer and then there were many people at the beach and it was not very "spiritual.")  They had 60 missionaries in the mission then.  The other two sisters, Dolly and Lucy, have also been here for quite a while.

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