Saturday, 5 November 2011

November 5, 2011

Saturdays are fairly quiet.  It is a working day, but we do our grocery shopping at 8am - so we have to be prepared early.  Other than that it is a working day for us.  We do, however, have the cleaning lady come!!!  Yes, we are treated to that once a week.  She is a sweet little thing from Poland, but she only speak Polish and very good Greek, so we have fun trying to communicate - don't really have to do much of that as she is very good and there not much to tell her.

The Assts. to the President come in to do their emails and other things on Saturdays.  Elder and Sister Andros went to their cousins for a late lunch meal, so we were alone again, except for the assistants and we were never so glad they were here when a man called asking how "many sacraments we have in our church"? - so, we just handed the call to one of the elders.  This man is invalid and unable to leave the house and has been in touch with missionaries by phone for some time now.  His family will not tolerate missionaries coming to the house, so any contact has to be instigated by him and he is so in need of love and support in the gospel.  It's very sad - he thinks he is worth nothing because of the way they treat him.  Anyway, the elder told us that what is meant by  sacraments in the Greek Orthodox is baptism, confirmation, communion and other rites.  Elder & Sister Andros came back from their visit with some lovely gifts given them by their relatives - wood carvings of salad spoon and fork with intricate carving of delicate patterns - a wooden napkin holder, also beautifully carved - a lovely carved kitchen type electric clock - and a beautiful Christmas pattern Limoges china cup and saucer. A really nice remembrance for them to take home.  A sad note though, two of the sons had their wages cut today - one by fifty percent and the other by 30 percent - they both work in banks.  Brent said I have to tell you that he walk out the gates and across the road he saw workers harvesting olives from the trees in that little park!! - there they were with little rakes and a tarp doing their thing!  It seems very little goes to waste.

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