Monday, 7 November 2011

November 7, 2011

Another beautiful day - about 19C. at noon, but I think it's going to cool off.


The Andoses took us downtown to meet the lawyers today.  They wanted us to go on public transport so we would know how it worked.  We took the bus from just outside the mission office to the metro station.  Took the metro to one point, where we had to change trains and then it wasn't very far to the downtown stations.  It was very busy - lots and lots of people everywhere, but the part where the museums and art gallery is was more open and lots of green area and was very attractive.  Once you headed for the built up area it was buildings jammed together and small lanes absolutely filled with small parked cars (parked, half on the sidewalk and half on the road leaving very little room for cars to drive through, but they did anyway).We arrived at the building where the lawyer had their office and there was a huge gate over the entrance and you had to ring to be let in.  Once in, you were face with a two-person elevator (very old and reminded me of "lifts" that were around when I was a child) so Sis. A. and I rode up to the 4th floor and the men took the stairs.  We met the two lawyers who handle of the church's affairs in Greece.  Even though the building was very old, their offices were small, but nice.  They were wonderful and I know they are going to help us out of tight spots while we are here.  Apparently, even if you are really really good here in Greece, you can get into trouble??  There is a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication between Greeks and foreigners.  We must have met with them about an hour and the whole trip took us about 4 hours - so that's three hours traveling time.  Even at that, Brent thinks it's better than trying to drive and park.

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