Tuesday, 8 November 2011

November 8, 2011

Elder & Sister Andros went downtown early this morning, met the lawyer, who went with them to plead their case re the driving infraction.  The lawyer did all the talking and they got both Elder Andos' license back and the car registration back and they were out of there in no time!!-   We now have all three mission cars back in service. As a result, we were on our own for most of the morning  - we are spending more and more time handling things on our own now - which is good.  We had a delivery of five big packages for missionaries today - it looks like some parents are getting Christmas parcels to their missionaries early!

In amongst our regular workload today, we had two investigators in need of help!  One was very "down" with his lot in life and just needed to talk.  Sis. Andros finished up giving him a bunch of materials that he could read.  He was very leery of this as he too, is fighting family prejudice re the Mormons.  The other man was in need of us typing a letter - part of his trying to get his citizenship back - but also, he wanted to wish the Androses farewell and he brought some cup-cakes that he had baked and some flowers for Sis Andros.  These people are so nice.

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