Thursday, 10 November 2011

November 9,2011

Wednesday - meeting and interviews day! and as usual, a busy day around here.  There is a flu bug going around here though, and so two our senior elders came without their wives who are down with it.  That did reduce the "chicken coop" noise level was a little better than usual!  Today, it was our turn for an interview with the President.  Apparently he interviews the seniors quarterly.  It was a very nice visit.  He wanted to know if we had any concerns - were we getting to know the office routine - and was our health good.  Then he gave us advice on not too expect to know everything at the outset - to make sure were take our preparation day (and not work in the office all day).  He pointed out that the whole mission depended upon the efficiency of the office!!! and his opinion was that we would be OK and from what he has seen so far, we would be a good fit for the job. All in all, we went out of there feeling both good that he had such confidence in us, but apprehensive, because we KNOW there's lots to get used to and still stuff that we don't know.  Oh well - we'll do our best.

In the evening we had another invite to supper along with the Androses - especially for a farewell for the Androses who have only 4 more days!  It was at Julianna's.  We set out, using the GPS, but it wouldn't take Julianna's address!!  The traffic was CRAZY as usual. We put in an address close to hers, but it was leading us to a dead end  -  they got that instruction one time before when they were trying to get to her place. We called Julianna, but we couldn't tell her where we were, so that wasn't much help.  All we could do was drive around these narrow (mostly one-way lanes) in the hopes that the Androses would recognize something from their previous trip!  Then we got a call from the other sr. couple that were also invited and they tried to help telling us where to go if we got to the train station in the area!!  Well, we found a land mark - that being a community where the street lights were in the form of stars and Sis. Andros recognized them and all of a sudden we were at Julianna's and the train station was right there too!  The elevator in the building was another of those small ones - 3 only person - and so we opted to go up four flights of stairs!  We were halfway up and the lights went out - it was total blackness - however, Androses knew what was happening!  The lights are on a time switch to save money and only stay on for about 30 seconds!!  We had a very nice meal with her and her sister, during the course of which we learned that they need to find a new apartment because the landlady can't afford the taxes - if you rent out the apartments, the new taxes are greater than the rent income - it's cheaper to leave it than rent it!!  They don't know what they are going to do!  When leaving, we three sisters did take the elevator down without incident.  When our husbands came down the stairs, we had to turn the light switch on for them twice so they could see - then we tried to go out the door - we tried every which-way, but it wouldn't budge.  Finally we called up to Julianna who came down very quickly the keys!!  to let us out!!  Apparently, the doors are locked for both coming in AND going out after 8pm.  Very interesting!  We were assured that once you learn all these things it is easier to get around. Fun, fun!

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