Sunday, 20 November 2011

November 20, 2011

We've been hearing about the cold in Calgary!!  I know plus 15C. sounds balmy, but I have to tell you - I am still freezing.  It is mostly lack of insulation and humidity.  Yesterday, I had four tops and leotards on trying to stay warm! They do have hot-water heating, but it's been very windy and the system just doesn't seem to be up to snuff.

We went off to meetings by ourselves this mornine, but we didn't get lost today - things are looking up!  It was Primary Presentation - in English - because only one out the six children was Greek - the rest were from the U.S. Embassy.  It was really sweet and they knew their parts well.  After, they had cookies which their leaders made there. The whole building smelled yummy!   During the afternoon, a fellow called, who has been calling quite a bit to ask questions.  He is somewhat handicapped and lives with his mother and we are pretty sure she has stopped some of our packages that he requested by sent to him.  Because of her and because of his handicap and ailments he can't come out, but phones and we try to help him.  It is a sad case, but he sounds like a really nice person and is very interested in learning what he can about the church this way.

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