Tuesday, 15 November 2011

November 14, 2011

What a day!    It was transfer day and departure day for the Androses and two elders. First, we were up at 3:00am to see the Androses off (we were thinking of going to the airport, but thought better of it) – then President and missionaries came and were everywhere - you could hardly move in the office!  Elder Mossner and Elder Stulen were the ones going home , and others who were transferring made up the rest of the group (it was a zoo for a while).  A bit later,  Elder Mortinsen came with his family (he went home last year) and President & Sis. Charles took them to “3 pigs” (a favorite restaurant of President Charles').  During that time somewhere, Elder & Sis Freestone came by and so we had to help them for a bit.   Later in the day, they went and picked up   Sis. Braaksma,  (a young missionary who was getting a new companion from the M.T.C. to train) and she stayed here  We made up a beef stew in the slow cooker – it was perfect for the day as it was probably the worst rainy/blowy day we’ve had up to now.  As we were finishing supper (around 7pm, I’d guess), suddenly, Elders Woodger & Deeley (Assts to the President) came rushing in full steam ahead and very focused – All flights out of Lanarca, Cyprus had been cancelled earlier and about six missionaries who were in the process of transferring to another area were unaccounted for!  Rumors were that a bus had taken them to Paphos and Elder Wodger was on the phone trying to get information from the airlines, (without success) and in the end, he  called a member and asked if he would pick up a set of Elders and take them to the airport (in Pathos, I think) and just look around and see if they see anyone!!  Meanwhile, Elder Deeley was on the other phone trying to get airline information.  While all this was in progress, President came over here for something and was totally unaware of the situation – so he also, jumped into the fray.  He loves his missionaries so much and you could see how concerned he was for them.  Elder Woodger already had a plan in mind for transferring missionaries to have a “travelling phones” – it is such a worry when you can’t reach your missionaries.  By 9:30pm all missionaries were accounted for.  So that is one day in the life of the office missionary!!


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