Friday, 2 December 2011

Fri. Dec. 2, 2011

We heard Ken and Carolyn Pierson (Brent's "best man" and called to Russia CES) will probably be at a CES conference in Turkey soon.  So near and yet so far - it would be great to see them.

It was a really busy day in the office.  I had airline tickets to book - one of the jobs I'm not too comfortable with yet and there was lots of typing to do.  One of the jobs that take a lot of time is answering questions from missionaries which usually turn in a series of other actions before they are solved, but it all works out.  Brent had a particularly tough day - it seemed like everything he touched came to a dead-end because it required an answer from someone before he could continue, and the answers weren't coming!  That tries his patience "big time" - plus, the copier "died" and we REALLY need it to be functional.  Fortunately we have a little one, but it's no good for big jobs.  Just another day at the office!!

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