Friday, 30 December 2011

Fri. December 30, 2011

We went down to the bank once again to try and open our a/c so that we have the required amount of euros in it in order to apply for residency.  You only get to stay three months on your "retiree" visa, so time is running out for us to get that started. Basically they want to see something with your name and address on it like a utility bill or a lease agreement etc.  This time we thought we had it made because Pres. Charles went with us and since he has the power of attorney for the Church in Greece and he had the lease agreement showing that the apartment connected to the Mission Office was for the sole purpose of housing two missionaries that he could vouch for us.  No, they wouldn't budge - whatever we produced for them HAD to have our name on it and a Greek address.  Anyway, the man who handles cases like ours was on holidays so we couldn't have done it today even if we had the right papers - but I'm glad Pres. Charles could see what we have been up against.  He has an idea of something we could try, so that's going to be the next thing!!

The most exciting thing to happen finally surfaced today.  One of our favorite couples has just learned that they are released immediately to go home  -  until  -  the end of June, when they return as the new Mission President and wife.  They are just so nice and we are so glad that he will be our next President.  We have occasionally mused over who might be the next President.  Not all Presidents are as nice as Pres. Freestone, so we are VERY fortunate that we are going to have them.  We are excited.  It's a three-year term.

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