Saturday, 10 December 2011

Fri. December 9, 2011

Well, we finally got the first 36 DVDs in the mail.  It took us about an hour at the post office to first, line up - about 10 minutes to get the stamps - the lady had to count out  from a long ribbon of stamps two different denominations - then we had to go to the table to "dip" the stamps on the sponge and affix two stamps to each package.  Then you line up again to give them to the lady.  Every country does things differently and it's fascinating to see.  We were going to try and do a bit of shopping in two stores nearby, but the traffic was so bad and there were no parking spots - so we didn't!   As I've said before the place is full of little cars - Smart cars are very popular here - you see them everywhere.

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