Monday, 12 December 2011

Mon. December 12, 2011

Yea!  The man came to fix the copier this morning.  Why did we have to wait so long?  Well, we first report  to the "physical facilities" people in Germany (where most everything is run from for us in Europe) and they then have to instigate the call to the copier company in Athens to do the job - but it's fixed now so we're happy.

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting a handle on the computer programs - but - not without help from some very special people (to whom I am so profusely grateful).  I've found that having my laptop along side is very helpful too because I already had a lot of stuff on it that I use - especially graphics!

Pres. & Sis. Charles' daughters and families are here visiting at the moment from England and we had a nice chat with them when they came to see the office.  They were off to the Plaka - the tourist area near the Acropolis - with all kinds of advice and warning and stories about pickpocketers etc.  I notice that whenever that kind of a conversation comes up, Greek folk are quick to point out that it's not the Greeks, but the foreigners and aliens that are the culprits - they're probably right too.

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