Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mon. December 19, 2011

It's pouring like crazy today - the first rain we had since we've been here.  I had another dental appointment and when we came out the roads coming down the hills were awash.  I only had little flat shoes on and the water seemed to be running about two inches deep and fast.  Brent was parked across the little road and I was walking up and down, looking for a spot that was free enough of water to get across.  With little cars speeding up this “lane,” splashing all over the place it was a challenge.  I finally back-tracked a bit and found one spot – not clear of water, but good enough to get across!!  With all that going on it was still 15C!!  The joys of Athens.

It was pretty quiet in the office today.  I guess the rain kept normal activities low key, but the little postal delivery trucks - Greece Post, DHL & FedEx all came with parcels - among which were mine!!!  I was so grateful to get a present from Rick & Renee and the boys and from Brenda (with a warm sweater and skirt that I had left behind, some hockey pucks for Brent's "hockey Game" which he has made and other important stuff).  It was great!


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