Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mon. December 26,2011

An activity day for all missionaries and we all met at Halandri building which is a small meeting house with a gym.  The first thing on the agenda was the "Nerf" guns wars!!  It took ages to get started as there were diagrams to study of the layout of where the action was to take place.  Then teams were formed (and the inevitable "practicing" with the guns had to happen).  Then instructions and rules were explained.  Actually the elders had done a pretty good job - it seem to copy some video games that I've seen in the past - you have a target or goal to achieve and you have an opposing side "inside the building.")  So a series of these games took place and then we had a late lunch and that was followed by three DVDs - "Kung Fu Panda" - "Car's II"  and "Tangled."   It was really fun and I don't care if I see another DVD for a while!!

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