Monday, 5 December 2011

Mon. December 5, 2011

I received photos of Rick's kids playing in the snow!  They had a big storm there and left everything sparkling white.  I feel a bit guilty as we have lovely blue skies and a high of about 17C.  -  not too guilty though!!

Another day of "stretching and growing" - learning new things and learning to cope with problems.  That's what it's all about though, isn't it?  I keep thinking that we'll "get it" one day and be able to just relax and fly through everything - maybe that's just a dream. However, we know we are being helped in so many ways - it's very humbling.  There are fun times too - with Christmas nearing, we are preparing to send out little gifts to the parents of the missionaries and are making plans for our missionaries to have a wonderful time at Christmas.  Brent is doing his best to make that "hockey game" that Garnet came up with too!!  (in his spare time!!!)

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