Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sat. Dec. 3, 2011

In the afternoon, we drove over to the Mission Home and collected Pres. & Sis Charles and drove downtown (the President drove!! - wild horses wouldn't get Brent driving down there yet) where we had a celebration for the Dracocardos' this afternoon/evening at 4pm (which included the senior couples in this area) as the "D's" are on their last week here.  It was actually hosted by the CES couple who head up  things at the Acropoli Branch which is located right downtown opposite "Hadrian's Gate."  It was a lovely meal - Honey-Orange Chicken over rice, green bean with cream of mushroom and toasted almonds (the beans, courtesy of Brent),  homemade rolls - then for dessert, Sis. Freestone made a cake.  She said it was a cake mix which she doctored - can't remember all the details except, while it was still warm, she make small holes in the cake with a fork and poured Eagle Brand Condensed milk all over it!!!  and topped it with whipped cream, long shredded coconut and walnuts.  The texture was soft and fluffy, not unlike and angel food cake, but moister.  It was soooo good.  The meal part included short congratulatory comments from the other five couple at the gathering. Then a bit of a recess until 7pm, during which time Brent & I went to the "Plaka" - which is the name given to two little lanes close to the Acroploi Branch building (right in the center of the tourist area) that are chock-full of tiny little tourist shops. There we bought a bunch of little things to send home to the g-kids.  We got back to the branch in time for the Young Adult meeting where the "D"'s gave their farewell talks to them.  They were very good and that was followed by an activity - decorating for Christmas.  They put up the tree and strung lights on the tree and around the room - some of us painted little decorations for the tree and some cut out designs with which to made snowflake decorations and poinsettia decorations (I did that).  There were about 7/8 caucasian kids and about the same number of blacks mostly Nigerians.  It was a fun evening for us, except Pres. Charles was tied up with interviews most of the time.  He was really tired after all of that.

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