Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sat. December 17, 2011

A full day!  Out to do grocery shopping at 8:00 am.  Drove the President and family to the airport in the early afternoon.  Did a spot of shopping and then we cooked 10 kilos of frozen corn and took it down to  Acropoli building for the combined Christmas party for Halandri and Acropoli Branches.  It was very well attended - about 80 members/friends. The food was a joint effort between Branches and missionaries, but missionaries served the members which was fun.  Couldn't converse very much with them, but hand-signing works OK too.  We didn't stay as late as the others because we had talks to get ready for tomorrow.  We took a cab home and the driver only drove cabs in the winter because he was a tour bus guide in the summer and claimed he knew everything about Athens and proceeded to demonstrate that on the way home - I believe him.  He was very good and interesting and it was a fun ride.

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