Monday, 26 December 2011

Sat. December 24, 2011

It's so nice having Elder and Sis. Collier stay here with us - being this time of year, it would be pretty dull and lonely without them as everything has been winding down and even the e-mails (from which a lot of my work is derived) have stopped coming.

It's still bitterly cold.  The rain has let up, but the wind is from the NE and is very strong.  As well as not having insulation in the office complex, it is very drafty. Brrrr!

All the missionaries gathered at Acropoli Branch in the afternoon where we had a training meeting, presented by Pres. & Sis. Charles.  It was very uplifting - it was meant to encourage and enthuse and it worked.  They are wonderful.  Then the "junior" missionaries set to and provided sandwiches etc. for everyone.  Some had bought "Nerf" guns and things got a little wild for a bit.  They said they were practicing for Monday!!  On Monday we have a fun day at Halandri building and part of it is slated to be a"Nerf" gun war!   After that, we had games and "mission" presents were handed out. One was the DVD ("Greece: A Zion's Land") that was made here in the mission and was sent to the parents earlier, and another was a temple recommend holder which has a photo of the Acropolis on it and text saying "Greece Athens Mission  -  In the Footsteps of Paul" - it is really nice.

Everyone is allowed phone calls to family and that is starting to happen now so excitement is high!

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