Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sun. December 11, 2011

Brent taught the lesson on Exultation in Priesthood/RS today and it was excellent.  He has such a knack for teaching.  Julianna was there today, but not Ioannis - I hope everything is OK. Julianna had a Temple Recommend interview which went well.  She is so excited.  It was pot-luck after meetings today.  Not many were there.  Karampoulas' were away - also Dolly and Heidi - also the Spanish sister and husband - in fact only about 15 adults + children were at potluck.  The Maxwells were there - first Sunday in Athens as they came over on the 8th.  They spent a couple of days with the Christensens and got here in time to spend a day with the "D's" (who flew out Sat. morning).  Things are always changing.

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