Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sun. December 4, 2011

Meetings were great today.  President & Sister Charles were present (which is a rarity as they always seem to be traveling) and a new 2nd Counsellor in the Mission Presidency was sustained - President Marvin Smith - because of the "D.s" going home.  Also, Halandri Branch received a new counsellor - Bro. Hicks from the U.S. Embassy.  There were wonderful testimonies - some happy and some sad because of the "D's" going home.  Julianna, who is really close to them share her testimony and her thanks for the Andros' and the "D's" who have done so much for her.  Ioannis also shared his testimony along with little Pablos.  "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas­čÄž  " - parties being announced and the Christmas schedule for the missionaries' fun time being set out - maybe it's time to start getting excited!  The AP's returned here tonight after an extended trip to Thessaloniki and Cyprus attending Conferences and doing training.  It was great to see them again as we had a lot of questions pile up to ask them!!  Poor elders, but they are so helpful to us.

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