Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thurs. December 1, 2011

Wow!  Time is flying.

There were demonstration and strikes downtown today, involving four or five different organizations.  Among other things, transportation and schools were shut down.  Crazy!

Pres. & Sis Charles were here around 7:00am to take the elder who was leaving and Elder Stevens to the airport.  It was our Prep Day, however, we had Elder Stevens with us as he would not be going back to his area until this evening.  We had to go to the office supplies store - Plaisio, and it was a great thing to have Elder S. along.  Although most of the employees speak some English, it is still difficult to make oneself understood at times - so he was able to effectively help the process of our shopping and we got through much quicker.  Later, we dropped him off at the Mission Home as I had a hair appointment - had a perm done.  It was a different process than I am used to in a lot of little ways.  They give you a robe to wear and the usual cape was just a big piece of soft plastic.  The usual protector towel around the neck was just paper towel, but they treat you like a princess in that I didn't have to hand him the papers.  He said that getting your hair done should be a pleasant, relaxing experience!!!  When he got all the curlers on and had put the solution on, usually a plastic bonnet put over the curls firmly to help make the curls set - here, it was get out a roll of saran wrap and wrap the head!  When it came time for the neutralizer - I am used to having it poured onto the curls from a bottle, but his method was to pat it on the curls with a sponge - I think it was foamy.  In the end, it was a good perm - maybe not a tight as I usually get it, but I am grateful to have it done.  While I was getting that done, they gave Brent a haircut - good thing too, because he hasn't been able to hear me of late!

On the way back to the office, we were to pick up Elder Stevens from the Mission Home.  We went in and found Sister Charles struggling with a newsletter in which she had imported three pictures and the newsletter just WOULDN'T send.  After a long hassle, we discovered that she had retrieved the pictures from two different files and her PC didn't like that.  Of course, being the Mac lover, that I am, I took the opportunity how much easier it would have been on a Mac!!!  Eeeek!  I'd better watch my P's & Q's!

Back at the Office, we had another call from Demosthenes.  We have been trying to hook him up with Elder Loynes (who is a really good elder and speaks good Greek, but "D's" phone must not be a good one because he said he had called Elder L. but it didn't work!!)  Elder Loynes came up here to take Elder Stevens back to his area and thankfully, was able to speak to "D" on the land-line, who wanted to receive a copy of the Pearl of Great Price.  So hopefully, tonight , that will get done.

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