Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thurs. December 8, 2011

It was supposed to be Prep Day, but we are so far behind because of the computer problems, we are continuing to try and get the Mission DVD gift sent to the parents of our missionaries.  The DVD is the easy part - it took some time to get the card made, but we had to"adjust" the envelopes into which the DVD's are being sent.  We had taken a DVD down to the store and matched it up perfectly with the DVD  -  too perfectly it turned out, as the bubble pack inside the envelope took up more room than appeared on the outside (at the stores the envelopes were sealed in packs of five, so you couldn't "try them out" so to speak).  One of the missionaries had kindly addresses the envelopes, so we had to use them.  So, Brent did the "adjusting" by slitting open the one side and easing a little bit more room on the other side by easing it apart a tiny bit and that worked - it was very snug though - so then we taped up the open side and hopefully they'll get to the parents OK!

I had to got in too the dentist today (not the specialist) to have what I thought was a bit of cleaning up of the bridge.  It turned out that the tooth that got the root canal had a fracture in it and in order to strengthen it enough she put a post in it.  She did lots of digging around the gum and the mouth is really sore.  Now I have to go to a periodontist to have work done on the gum there so that they can put an extended crown on what's left of that tooth.  Fun! fun!  All this dental work was not part of the plan for my activity in Greece!

On a bright note!   The weather is amazing when compared to what we've been hearing about in Calgary!

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