Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tues. December 6,2011

One of our young missionaries sisters is nearing the end of her mission and when that time arrives, the sisters meet with Sis. Charles (Pres. Charles' wife) and they go over plans for their life after their mission here is completed.  Usually, it focuses on going to university and what scholarships are available etc.  Meanwhile, I am the recipient of her companion's help.  That was super.  She helped by preparing envelopes in which to send a DVD made by our mission - and about our mission - to the parents of our current missionaries.  It is nice to have a one-on-one visit with these sisters as you learn a lot more about them and their families - they are such sweet girls.

Had the usual bumps in our day.  I needed to do "cards" to put in with the DVDs basically wishing all a Merry Christmas.  Since I had some cards in label form which were just a nice size, I decided to use that method - BUT - the big copier is still out of order and the small printer that we have wouldn't handle the card type "paper."  I then reasoned that I could just produce the text with a little graphic (Christmas Tree) using "Word" columns and just print it on the ordinary labels and then stick them onto a card.  "Word" wouldn't cooperated - some kind of incompatibility with text and graphic  -  sooo - I grabbed my laptop and used Adobe Indesign which does turn out such a product and got that part done.  It was about 10pm by this time.  We plugged the laptop into the printer and - you guessed it - it needed me to download the where-with-all to make it work from my laptop.  Enter, my lifeline - Davey on Skype!  I am so grateful for all the times he's freed me from difficulties.  Even here, there's no one like Davey to help.  So, with his help we finished up - about 11:30pm!!!

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