Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wed.December 14, 2011

I spent half the day stuffing envelopes with the special DVD "In Paul's Footstep" (produced by the mission here) to send to former missionaries (Oct. 2009 up to the current batch).  Usually, I have help on Wednesdays because all the couple come in to attend meetings.  Some of the meetings only involve the husbands and that leaves their wives free to help me  -  but we didn't have any meetings scheduled today as the President was away.

I learned how the position of Asst. to the President works here in our mission today.  When I served, back in 1961/62, in that mission (and I assumed all other missions) the Assts. were chosen about halfway through the time that they served, and finished their mission as an Asst.  Here, the Assts. are chosen this way  -  usually, one is released and one is kept in, so that continuity is maintained  -  but they only serve for two transfers.  I guess that gives more elders a chance to have that experience.

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