Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fri. January 13th

It was an absolutely beautiful day with bright blue skies as you look towards the hills/mountains  -  but not if you look toward the downtown area  -  it was quite smoggy.  It could have been an invention layer as the temperature was fairly cold.

We continue to do clean up and empty last years file etc. and wait for the modem!  Mr. Ted (modem guy) called us as promised, and the company here didn't have one.  Now he is getting one shipped down from Thessaloniki!  It will arrive on Monday and by Monday afternoon (hopefully) we'll have the "net" back up and running.

The Assistants came by this morning to collect the mail.  That's one of their jobs - to take the mail to Halandri District and Acropoli District for the missionaries and any other items that they require from us.  Just after lunch, the Admin Elders came to help out  here in the office.  They help with making and putting 2012 labels on lots of binders, checking out the cars and making a list of when they are due for service and then doing an inventory of supplies.  They are really nice - Elder Radnoti from Germany and Elder Norgaard from Denmark.

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