Friday, 20 January 2012

Fri. January 20th

We went down to the immigration again this morning.  After two hours we still didn't receive the "blue paper" certificate (or whatever we were supposed to receive) because their internet was broken and they had no blue paper left.  No comment!!!  However, they did give our lawyer girl a white paper saying that our residency application was in the works, so to speak, and that we had all the necessary documents and everything was OK.  Ethel said they were going to call her when the certificate was ready and that she would have to go back for it, but we didn't have to go back any more - so it looks like we're clear.  A great blessing.

We have had good help from the Smiths and President and Sis. Charles took us out to "Three Pigs"  for lunch.  That is always fun - except trying to get a parking spot.  Brent dropped me off, but he had to go almost halfway back from where we had come from before he found one!!

We needed to pick up a couple of mattress pads - not covers, but something to make the mattress softer - as there are twin Ikea beds in the one bedroom that are sooo hard, we really had to improve them for our guests.  It was sooo fun in Ikea - almost exactly the same merchandise and layout as at home - felt like we were back in Calgary for a bit.

With Conference a day away - there is more traffic in the office with elders coming and going with tasks to do and the Smiths being here - Colliers arrive tomorrow, and downstairs there will be some brothers from Thessaloniki staying, so we'll have a pretty full house.  Fun!

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