Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sat. January 14th

We went at 8 am to do our grocery shopping and got home just before the rain started 😞  I'll be glad when it warms up a bit.

Nice and quiet in the office today - we got caught up on a lot of stuff!  However, about 5 pm, Brent decided to take another look at the broken modem!!  He was standing there pensively eyeing this little box, turning it over this way and that, then preceded to bash it "firmly" a couple of times on the counter top!!!  Then he reconnected it - and it worked!!  Nobody was more surprised than I was.  We quickly Skyped whoever we could see online (three days without chatting is just too much!!) and then turned our attention to our "in-boxes" that were full of e-mails, not knowing how long we would have a connection.  By 10:30 pm. we had cleared most of the emails and called it a night at which point the modem was still working!!

A couple of the e-mails were warning about demonstrations in the downtown area for next Tuesday.  We get warnings re this all the time and being as we are many  miles away from that area, we don't normally worry about it - but, the text appeared to be a little more alarming as it mentioned anarchists.  One of the emails was from the States and we haven't had that happen before - but - I heard one person say, "Don't worry about it - nobody wants Greece, you'll be OK."  And that's supposed to make us feel better?

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