Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sat. January 21st

We went to "Alpha Beta"  first thing this morning - Pres. & Sis. Smith wanted to go for old times sake to see if things were the same as when they were here - kind of a "sentimental journey."  We had fun!  When we got home, Brent made French toast and introduced the Smiths to French toast, Canadian style!!  or maybe, I should say "Brent style"  -  which is to heap yogurt, bananas and syrup on top of the French toast!!  They had never seen that before and were suitably impressed.

Today and tomorrow is Greece Athens Mission Conference and I made jam bars for one of the meals being provided.  I thought the bars were for the meal onSunday, but when we arrived at the Acropoli building, I was asked where my dessert was!!!  Ooops!  They are happy to have them tomorrow - but I felt bad.

We attended a Leadership meeting before "supper" and then the "adult" meeting after.  Our visiter was Elder Christian Fingerle from the Area Seventy whose assignment is in the CES area (Church Education System).  We really enjoyed the talks etc. - at least half of which were in Greek - however, they had translation, but that's only as good as the translator!

We already had the Smith staying here at the mission office and today the people arrived from Thessaloniki and so we have four guests upstairs (Smiths and Colliers) with us and four men from Thess. Branch downstairs.  Colliers had rented a van and brought sister missionaries down with them, plus some elders.  After the meetings, Colliers took the sisters to an empty apartment which the Assistants had prepared for them, but nobody had thought to arrange for the the sisters to get the key!!!  So they arrived over there unable to get in.  Phone calls were flying back and forth and finally one of the other couples told them to go the landlady on the 4th floor and she would let them in  -  but  -  her master key wouldn't work!!!  In the end, another set of sisters who had a car, came over here and got the keys.  By that time it was near midnight, so we were all going to be short of sleep for sure.  Oh well!

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