Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sat. January 28th

After I wrote yesterdays blog, we had an alert on the computer about more serious demonstrations slated for the downtown area of Athens.  Quickly following that, we received a phone call from the CES missionary couple that the President of the Branch there had told everyone including the Mowers to leave as soon as possible. The Mowers called us to see if the missionaries in the area had been notified - and they hadn't.  We then called the Assts. and they alerted those missionaries affected. Probably, they were told to go back to their apartments and stay there.  The Amin. elders were already here, giving us their regular Friday help, so they just stayed here in the missionary apartment downstairs   This morning we watched a report on- line about the disturbance - that it began  just as a regular peaceful demonstration by ordinary Greeks, but the commentator said that when the march was three quarters passed, a violent group joined in wearing masks and black hoodies and helmets, armed with sticks, bottles and rocks which they hurled at the police.  They managed to light some  big garbage containers, but that was as far as it went thankfully.

We've hit a cold spell.  Don't laugh!! but it's only 6C. right now and we are really cold. It looks like it will last into the middle of next week!

Did our grocery shopping early.  Christina came to do the cleaning.  We worked in the office all day.  I think we had only two phone calls and very few emails, so we were able to get a good run at getting things done.

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