Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sun. January 1, 2012


About midnight, Brent was awakened by what he though was gunfire!!   Nooo, it was fireworks - but - we had no power, nor did the neighbors, so he waited and about 12:30, and we had power again.  I slept through all of this 😄

Our meeting today, once again was only one hour, with lots of singing and a few short speakers and was very nice.

Now we are getting ready for the start of transfers.  About supper time, we will have two sister come here to stay overnight before they fly over to Cyprus tomorrow.  Also, six elders here in Athens will be involved with the move tonight and they will be staying downstairs overnight - Some will be flying to Cyprus tomorrow and the others will be waiting for companions that are flying over here from Cyprus. Tomorrow, In Cyprus, 12 missionaries will be either moving to another place or receiving a companion from Athens or Thessaloniki.  It's quite the deal.

Now it's 9:30 p.m. and some of the moves have been made successfully, but not all - two of the elders coming from Cyprus missed their flight which means the Assts. have to go to the airport at midnight!!!

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