Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sun. January 29th

Still cold and winding.  I looked at the forecast for the week and for the next three days we are supposed to have rain and highs of 7C.  Yuk!  Oh well!  I was reading Bullock's blog  -  they are in Malawi and are in their rainy season, and Sis. Bullock's comment was that everyone is cold and wet - she said she would like to stay indoor and curl up in a warm spot with a good book - she said is was 22 degrees!  I suppose the hot and cold is all relative!

Not too many at church this morning.  Julianna called to tell me she had the flu - poor dear, she sounded awful.  I told her to stay put as we would be glad if she didn't share that one with us.  I gave my talk and the best part is that it's done - now I can relax.

This afternoon, we got a call from the young sisters  -  they had locked themselves out of their apartment, leaving the key inside.  They wanted to know if we had a spare key.  Normally, we don't have spare keys for the apartments, but upon looking, we found there was just one such key there and it was for their apartment!!!  Of course they live way across town and, of course Brent has never driven there before - and it's not a simple matter of looking up the address and going there because nothing is laid out in order - the roads m  ust have just been built over the original "tracks" that were in place eons ago.  Now, we have a maze of teeny lanes (most of them one-way) in between reasonably sized main roads.  Even a GPS doesn't always get you to your correct destination!!  Sooo! we came to a solution that we would drop the key off at the Halandri chapel, and the Assts. would come there. get it, and take it to the sisters.  That worked, but we were still late getting to the airport to pick up Pres. Charles!!    Oh well!

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